We used to go very fast. Then we got burnt out

We used to be the faster craftswomen. Till we slowed down.
Now, I'm blogging about sustainable artistic processes at: www.illustratedguidetolife.com

The Honourable Society of Faster Craftswomen

Writing, drawing, audio, animations and theatre by Laura Eades and co
Southwark Playhouse Secrets on Sat 18th April, 9pm

Laura is sitting in a deck chair in a sombrero with lights under the brim. She is having a conversation with a tape player. Her body has tried to go on a ten-minute holiday from her mind, and who can blame her?

Awesome! A candid and brutally honest portrayal - thought the body taking a holiday was (as somebody who has body issues) great - like to imagine that's what my body would do on a break - although it would probably involve excessive drink and drugs! Fantastic, I enjoyed it more than the show I actually paid to come and watch. The carnage at the end with the volleyball was particularly enjoyable.
Danielle Anthe, Secrets audience member

also previously at:
Saturday 28th March 2009, 9.30pm, Park Road Pilot (15 minute version with audience dancing in buckets)
Sunday 1st February 2009, 7pm, Nightingale Theatre, Brighton (10 minute scratch)
Tues 3rd February 2009, 9pm, Scene Pool, Camden People's Theatre, London (full 20 minute version)

The Pay Cat meets the Dickswinger's Drumstick
David Gale's Peachy Coochy Nite
Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, London
Thurs 26 March 2009

Getting to grip with fact versus fiction, weighing up equality, and following the adventures of the Pay Cat.
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Wasp Killer
Scratch: Friday 28th November at arch468
Fifteen minutes, twenty-four thoughts about pacifism, masochism, and how the sexes deal with aggression.
There is a wasp's nest in the eaves of my house.
I drink 4 cans of diet coke a day.
My dad laid a karma trip on me about killing the wasps.
Someone from work told me that the sweetener in diet coke was originally developed a
s ant killer, and can be used to poison the wasps ...

"It takes a slow journey upwards as if you're about to take off ... the swirling delivery is like a dream"

"A really inspiring and enjoyable performance - huge talent and a unique voice"

"Desperate - like a tramp in the street who wants to tell you about their life using the beauty of cardboard and the preciousness of drawings"
Audience responses to scratch