We used to go very fast. Then we got burnt out

We used to be the faster craftswomen. Till we slowed down.
Now, I'm blogging about sustainable artistic processes at: www.illustratedguidetolife.com

The Honourable Society of Faster Craftswomen

Writing, drawing, audio, animations and theatre by Laura Eades and co
Yeah, I'm a dog

BAC foyer, Friday 25th September, 7.30pm

"It was very effective as a spectacle to watch and the level of engagement with the audience was good. I also thought your sound scape - with such vivid effects - worked really well in the space. Its visual impact as people entered the building was great."
Sunita Pandya, producer, BAC

A new ten-minute scratch performance
(more pleasurable than a mosquito bite, more chance of winning than a scratchcard)

The audience sit on tea-tray trolleys with gardening gloves on their hands, and scoot around getting a dog's view of life.

Yeah, I'm a dog. I got balls - tennis balls, lots of 'em. Yeah, I'm a virgin. Gonna pike out through the cat flap if I get the chance, that spaniel is h-h-h-hot. Dinner! Fox! What? You're going out? What have I done? Don't leave me! Grrryyyowwwwl!