We used to go very fast. Then we got burnt out

We used to be the faster craftswomen. Till we slowed down.
Now, I'm blogging about sustainable artistic processes at: www.illustratedguidetolife.com

The Honourable Society of Faster Craftswomen

Writing, drawing, audio, animations and theatre by Laura Eades and co

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See You Next Tuesday: 14 March, 8pm, New Players Theatre
Oxfringe: 31 March -3 April, Burton Taylor Theatre

Written and performed by Alison Goldie
Directed by Laura Eades

Alison has lived a lot and loved a lot and survived to tell her (totally true) tales in a one-woman odyssey of erotic adventures from the mid 1970s to the present day. Anyone who has a heart will recognize the Oohs, Aahs and Ouches of a modern person’s sex-life. Alison plays every character in an animated show of physical and vocal dexterity. Funny, moving revelatory theatre.

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clip of Lady in Bed


25 March, Peachy Coochy Nite, Toynbee Studios

Written and performed by Sarah Sheldon

A six minute, twenty-slide insight into Sarah's Nana, a near nonagenarian of Czech origin, with an inexhaustible supply of 'kipferl' and a healthy identification with the Godfather.