We used to go very fast. Then we got burnt out

We used to be the faster craftswomen. Till we slowed down.
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Nearing 50,000 words of a novel - but am I near the end?

Suddenly it's not the word count keeping me going any more. If I'm to complete this novel-in-a-month quest, I've got to get to the end of my story arc by November 30th. I know I have because Chris Baty told me I had to in No Plot No Problem!

And I'm pretty sure I'm not 3/4 of the way through the plot that's emerged!

At least a plot has emerged. A kind of epic weaving together of several stories. Knew it was a mistake to read Franzen's Freedom in October.

Gonna have to write some key scenes and skip over others. Nine days to go including today.

Hup, two, three, four